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Lake Snorkelling in the UK

Whenever I mention Snorkelling to people in the UK, the conversation always turns to warm seas abroad with coral reefs and normally tales of the shark that spooked them. But not only does the UK have an abundance of wildlife in the rivers and surrounding coastline, but there […]

Snorkelling at Studland Bay in Dorset

Snorkelling in the UK can often get overlooked, but Britain’s coast hides all manner of wonderous life! With a little bit of local knowledge and safe water conditions, you can snorkel in clear water conditions, exploring this hidden world! I have done a little snorkelling in the UK […]

Snorkelling in the river Dart

Snorkelling in the UK is often forgotten about as warm seas beckon just a short flight away these days, and often UK water requires a little more in the way of layers as the water temperature can be fairly low. BUT, with a little preparation equipment-wise you will […]