Tag: Motorsport

Quad Biking in Bristol

It is a shame that I had one of those blonde days where I thought I had the camera taking pictures, but was in fact filming the in between races, because the Quad biking that we did was brilliant! But I did manage to salvage a little bit […]

Segway in Somerset

Segway is not like anything I have ever tried before. Letting an electronic chip decide where you go based on which way you lean your bodyweight is a weird concept! My lovely wife Vicky Bawn, really liked the look of Segway too, so we booked in for two […]

Autograss racing

For more years than I’m allowed to mention, my in-laws have been racing Autograss cars, and until recently I hadn’t really got it into my head exactly what was involved. I assumed Autograss was a sport where people drove minis around a small circuit in a field marked […]