RAB Latok Jacket Review

RAB have built a name for themselves over the years for top quality, hard wearing outdoor clothing. The company was started by respected climber Rab Carrington, and although the company has now changed hands, the same high quality philosophy still reigns. Personally I have owned more waterproof jackets […]

Rab Bergen Pants Review

Overtrousers, some people hate them, other people swear by them. When the heavens open, as seems to be the case every other day at the moment, I take a look at RAB’s Bergen trousers. They look good, but do they perform? I seem to be going through a […]

Caving down Swildons Hole

After swapping links with Greg Brock, he kindly offered to take me caving in a well-known cave called Swildon’s Hole in Priddy, Somerset. I jumped at the chance of trying a more exciting cave and so on a fairly brisk February morning we met in the car park […]