Category: Wales

Beachcombing near Kidwelly

Winter storms can often bring the more interesting things on to the shores of the UK. All manner of weird and wonderful things get washed up, from swordfish, palm seeds from the Caribbean and ambergris or whale vomit! So when you go beach combing you really never know […]

Canyoning in north Wales

Also know as Gorge or Ghyll scrambling, Canyoning can be an adrenaline packed activity. So what is Canyoning? Well let me try and explain the basics… Kitted up in a life jacket, helmet, wetsuit and using ropes in most cases, a guided group attempt to make their way […]

Surfing on Shell Island

Shell Island is situated between Barmouth and Llandanwg on the north west coast of Wales and although rarely breaks, when it does it can give nice left and right handers. The island isn’t an island any longer but a campsite which still gets cut off at high tide. […]