Category: Surfing

The Severn Paddle 2012

Paddling down a river on surfboards might sound a little crazy and somewhat hard work, but when it’s in aid of charity, it seemed like a great idea! Bring on the Severn Paddle 2012! Together with a band of Severn bore surfers, we headed to Tewkesbury on the […]

Surfing the Parrett Bore

Tidal bore surfing is by no means a new sport, however it comes as a surprise to many that it is even possible. Climbing into a river at exactly the right time to catch that elusive wave attracts the more adventurous surfer, and surfing the Severn Bore is […]

Surfing on Shell Island

Shell Island is situated between Barmouth and Llandanwg on the north west coast of Wales and although rarely breaks, when it does it can give nice left and right handers. The island isn’t an island any longer but a campsite which still gets cut off at high tide. […]

Surfing at Saunton Sands

Saunton Sands in situated on the north Devon coast and has become one of Devon’s most popular beaches for surfing and wave sports alike. The beach is about 5km long and is sandy with a rocky cliff on the northern end, which is also where the car park […]