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Challenge 200

Challenge 200! Over the last 10 years I have really enjoyed trying out as many sports and activities as I can. There are a few that I have really stuck to, partly due to cost and location, but most down to what I get out of them! In […]

Krav Maga in Bristol

Krav Maga means close fight, or close combat and is well known to be used by the Israeli defense and special forces, the main reason it was designed for. Known for its mixed range of influences from other arts, extremely efficient and brutal counter attacks, and a lot […]

White Water Rafting in Scotland

You could be mistaken for thinking White Water Rafting is something you do when you are abroad, in fact the UK, and in particular Scotland, have many rivers offering all grades of whitewater and loads of Rafting! We met up with Splash White Water Rafting on the river […]

Finswimming in Bristol

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be able to swim like a dolphin, effortlessly gliding through the water at high speed? Well if so, you might want to have a go at Finswimming! I came across the Neptune Finswimming Club in Bristol by accident […]