Kayak Fishing for Pike on the spinner

Fishing from a kayak is a fantastic way to get to those spots that you just can’t reach on the bank. This opens up opportunities to fish those hidden areas and to move to multiple areas covering lots of water. 

Please note though, you still need a license or permission to fish on the stretch you are paddling so always check! 

I headed out for a session on my local river with my son, who is a newbie to kayak fishing, in the search for the top predator, the Pike. Apart from spending quality time with my son, my aim was to just get him used to casting and to try and teach him a little bit of watercraft. Something I learned from an early age and often lacking in anglers these days as stocked lakes take over, but such a skill set to have. 

Fishing with a 9 foot spinning, 12lb mainline, a small wire trace and a box of various spinners, my plan was to slowly drift in to a potential area and gently swing a spinner in. 

First cast straight in to the rushes, a fairly rusty cast and not missed by my son. 

We found a very shallow spot where I spotted a Chub so gave it a few casts and a small Perch nailed the spinner. Tiny really but a beautiful fish, one of my favorites to catch. I did have a small Chub also follow it in but was spooked by a bigger fish near it. A Pike maybe, but no take. 

We moved through various areas with plenty of Chub and Perch following the spinners right up to the boat at times, but often too small. 

My son practiced his casting at various spots and even though he had no takes, he definitely started to improve. Fantastic to see him gaining new skills and looking for signs of fish. It won’t be long before he catches his first Pike on spinners and lures. Personally I can’t wait to see that. 

As we arrived at the water outflow a Pike surged out of the water sending small fish in every direction. I quickly explained to my son that this is the time to cast on top of that area with the spinner and we cast straight to it. Nothing, second cast bang, a head shake and then a surging run, we were in to a Pike. 

I must admit its been a while fishing from a kayak and I forgot how much you can get dragged about by a fish on, which my son found it hilarious. 

After a few surging runs and a rod bent double under the kayaks a lovely Pike broke the surface and slid in to the net. 

Not a monster but a really nice fish and gave my son a chance to test his photography skills out. 

After letting the Pike rest by the side of the kayak for a few minutes she was released back in to the depths. Fish really need to be rested before released, look after the fish and the fishing will improve. 

We headed to our final spot near a man made weir which has a shallow fast run on one side of it and a couple of casts in a small Pike took the spinner and was in the Kayak in no time. Before my son could take a picture the small Pike decided to be camera shy and released itself back! A lovely little fish and one for the memory banks. 

All in all a nice little session with my son on the river and fantastic exploring all those little areas that are normally out of reach. Plenty more spots to check out too so looking forward to getting out again. 

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