Adairto Men’s Long Sleeve Compression Shirt Review


I have spent the last 3 weeks reviewing the Adairto Long sleeve compression shirt.

Adarirto claim that; “The Adairto Men’s Long Sleeve Compression Shirt is the ultimate in compression clothing. This compression shirt helps improve circulation and oxygenation of blood, reduce fatigue through less muscle oscillation, and reduce damage and injuries caused by muscle overuse.”.

The design of this shirt is a simple, 2 logos located on the chest and on the wrist of the left sleeve. Although the design is simple there isn’t a choice in colours. Although this may not affect some people, white is not the most practical colour in the world.

DSC_1435 (2)

Adairto makes their long sleeve compression top from nylon and spandex. This material is a formed into a thin white fabric which is a fast drying. Due to these materials being used it does need to be washed on a cold wash. There are no thumb loops at the end of the sleeves. Personally I prefer this as I like my hand to be free as when kayaking wrist seals can be affected. Despite no thumb loops the shirt fits tightly around your skin and grips well therefore little demand for the loops.

The nature of a compression shirt is tightness; therefore, the fit is predictable. I was wearing medium sized shirt and the top fitted my torso perfectly with the arms seeming a little long. Although the shirt felt tight on my underarms. I was surprised after going to the gym and kayaking both caused no rubbing.  Ventilation and heat retention- this is the first top that I have used that keeps my warm in the cold and cool in the warm. Ventilation in the underarm allows the body to stay cool and the materials will draw sweat away from the body to help maintain a natural body temperature.

Packaging, the Adairto shirt came in a minimalistic package. A clear white recyclable bag with a thin sheet of paper inside, therefore little waste or damage to the environment.


Value for money, At £39.95 the Adairto shirt is competing with some of the top brands in this market. Despite this the top is great value for money as you are getting what you pay for with this shirt.

To conclude the Adairto Long sleeve compression shirt is a top that does what it says on the tin. I would recommend to anyone who is into a fitness or outdoor lifestyle.

Lawrence Gill

To find out more visit the website: adairto

And if you type in the following code you will save 10%.  UKAO10

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