Adairto Men’s Short Sleeve Compression Shirt Review

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The Adairto Men’s Short Sleeve Compression Shirt has been designed to help improve circulation and oxygenation of blood, reduce fatigue through less muscle oscillation, and reduce damage and injuries caused by muscle overuse. This all sound like a bit of kit everyone should have when training, so how did it get on in testing?


The design for this top has been well thought out. A few things that stand out are the moisture wicking areas that pull the sweat away from under-arm areas and back of the neck, also doubling up to give stretch and flexibility. There are two small anti slip silicone strips on the bottom hem to stop the top riding up.

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As far as I can tell this top only comes in white which actually looks really nice. Of course it shows up the dirt easier, but the material should stop a lot of that. Who cares about looking dirty after a run or workout anyway! Looks fresh in white.


The main part of the top is made from 82% Nylon and 18% Spandex. The mesh is 92% Polyester and 8% spandex. Machine wash cold only, no bleach, no tumble dryer and no ironing. Yes no ironing, result! Hate ironing! Feels nice against your skin and although cold outside on my run I felt warm enough.

Fit and comfort

As this is a compression top its tight to your skin. Yes I did breath in for the photos before you ask! The first thing that stands out is the support it gives you whilst keeping it comfortable. The flat locked seems are also smooth and you can feel them. The top is long too which is great, I hate tops that ride up, nothing more annoying than trying to pull it down.

It feels very flexible too, the panel system seems to stretch and move with your body really well. It moves with you rather than rubbing or slipping.

Value for money

This top is has a RRP of £39.95, which is about right for this kind of layer. It should last a fair while so worth investing in. 


I have to say I really like this top. Its well designed, very usable, comfortable, supportive and looks good. It will be interesting to see how long it lasts and stays white, but I will take that challenge on. For £39.95 I think you get a great top. 

To find out more visit the website: adairto

And if you type in the following code you will save 10%.  UKAO10

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