Kayaking at Seaton


Seaton is a lovely beach situated on the South coast of the UK in the lovely county of Dorset. A pebble beach with a little sand at low tide and with stunning rocky cliffs and a typical British seaside feel. Whilst staying locally I headed down with my two kids for a walk and came across Seaton Bay Watersports.  They are based on the beach and hire out Stand Up Paddleboards and sit on top kayaks to use in the bay.  They also run guided kayak tours around the coast and surrounding area. We decided to hire out two sit on top kayaks, one for my son and one for myself and daughter.

Conditions looked nice and calm with clear weather predicted so it seemed perfect for both children to get a taste of sea kayaking. With such a hot dry summer, the water was also nice and warm too for UK standards, so we could get away with the kids in shorty wetsuits and I adorned a pair of boardies and a t-shirt.

After a bit of advice from the guys at Seaton Bay Watersports and help launching from the beach over the small waves we were out to sea and free to explore!


My son has had previous experience paddling on a kayak so was not a complete beginner, but I was still surprised how easy he took to it again in slightly bumpier water. The kayaks were very stable and easy to paddle which made it easy to gentle paddle along the coastline. It always amazes me how you can just paddle 50 metres off shore and feel completely cut off from the rest of the world for a bit. It’s almost feels like your’e cheating the system somehow, getting that freedom that sometimes feels stifled on the mainland.

The coastline is stunning around Seaton, with towering cliffs of white and orange complementing the blue sea and gentle lapping of the water and all just a short paddle from the coast.

As I had my daughter on the same kayak as me I gave her the opportunity to have a go at paddling, and although she struggled with the size of the paddle, she did her best. My son at the age of eight was paddling about no problem and even paddled over a little swell that we went over. I see lots of potential for trips in the future with both of them.


After a lovely paddle we headed back to shore, tired, smiling and ready for an ice cream. The staff were there to help us get back over a few breaking waves safely and helped the kids out.

They were very friendly and easy to deal with at Seaton Bay Watersports, we will be using them again when in the area.

Both kids now want a sit on top kayak which is something I didn’t think about before we went out, so I’m going to have to think up a really long list of chores for them! But well chuffed they had a great time!


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