Tobogganing Pembrey Country Park


We stumbled across a Tobogganing track in Pembrey Country Park whilst spending a week near Kidwelly, South Wales. Tobogganing draws up lots of ideas in my head, but here it was on a tubular metal track, like a huge water-slide that wraps around the corners. As it was something my wife and both kids wanted to do too we were quickly paid up and ready to go.

The Toboggans are very basic as you would expect with a plastic seat and big brake stick or handle in the middle between your legs.  On we all jumped.


There was a belt which took you to the steep slope to the top of the track whist you sit on your toboggan and enjoy the scenery.  There was an additional source of fun for the kids as my backside got stuck at the bottom, leaving my son traveling up on his toboggan all by himself and stranded for a while whilst they got me on my way. Yep my butt stopped the track, I will never live that one down!


After a short uphill ride, we arrived at the top and off you go along the downhill sections of track with just the brake to slow you down on tight corners. All of us were a little cautious on the first run, learning to brake and lean a little on the corners depending on your speed.

Every lap got a little smoother and quicker and there was lots of laughing from the kids and adults alike.  It was lovely to do this as a family and something we will be doing again, although hoping my butt doesn’t get stuck again!

Tobogganing Pembrey

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