Battle Axes

Knife Throwing in Bath & Bristol


What do you think of when you hear the term “Knife Throwing” ?

Most people, including myself a few years ago, imagined a man throwing knives around a woman on a target in some sort of nail biting scenario, as seen on TV over the years. Although this does actually happen around the world, and in some cases women are the expert throwers doing the throwing, there is also another knife throwing community that’s growing fast. Target knife throwing!

The first thing to make clear about the knives we throw is that they don’t have a sharp edge and are a little heavier than your standard knife. It is the weight of the knife and the way it is thrown that drives the point into the wood. So rather than being a hunting method or an skill for war, we make it a target skill game.

It took us a little while to hone our knife throwing skills and we are still learning lots all the time. Believe it or not there are all kinds of ways to throw a knife.

The most simple way to throw is a simple straight throw with the knife spinning through one revolution. Learning this technique teaches you how to hold the knife, measure your distance and how to keep your motion smooth with a straight wrist. All keys to good throwing.


Personally the one I am currently learning and beginning to get the hang of is the straight throw. Its the kind of throw you see in the Hollywood films as the knife flies fluently. But it actually takes a lot of practice to master.

Changing the targets also keeps it challenging and fresh. We discover new games all the time through online throwers, facebook groups and trial and error. It is an ever evolving sport and a fun one to be involved with.

We run knife throwing courses at our centre near Bristol and Bath on the link below, but if thats a little too far for you check out your local activity centres and give it a go, its great fun!



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