Glice Skating


If I’m totally honest my ice skating isn’t great but I do enjoy it when I go, especially now I have kids. When I was told that Glice® skating having their first rink setup at the Avon Valley Adventure and Wildlife Park in Bristol I had to go and check it out.

So what is Glice®?

Glice® is synthetic ice.  Once set up, it does not need water or electricity and is, therefore, CO2 neutral, creating a green and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional ice rinks.


I took my son Kaelan and friend Isaac to the rink to go and check it out. We put a pair of boots on and headed out on to the glice!

It felt very different at first from ice as my skates didn’t dig in to the ice, but as we made our way around we all started to get in to the rhythm. You just had to not put out quite so hard on the skates and glide a little more. I’m not an expert but that’s as best as I can explain it.


The boys started by using the skating aids, but were soon letting go and waving their arms in the air a little, although I was probably the same for the first fifteen minutes.  They did have a few falls as they got more confident, but were all smiles and laughing.

As mentioned I am certainly no expert at Ice Skating as my son will confirm for you, but I found Glice® fun and fairly easy to adjust to.

If you would like to have a go yourself check out the following link:

Avon Valley Adventure & Wildlife Park


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