Battle Archery

Throwing Metal Playing Cards

Throwing metal playing cards

This has to be one of the strangest things I have thrown at a wooden target to date; metal playing cards!

Simon, my throwing buddy bought them from China. They took a few weeks to arrive so the anticipation had been building.  The cards looked pretty well made and we could immediately see they were reasonably sharp around the edges.

Throwing Cards

We did a few test throws towards the target to try and establish the distance we needed to throw from, and it soon became obvious that as long as you kept your throwing arm straight and follow through the cards, they would stick in to the targets no matter which edge hit first. We did manage to adjust a little to get them to hit the targets corner-first but it was tough and a little random.

Throwing playing cards

The cards do stick in to the targets well though, although we do water down our targets before throwing, and the targets are also chopped up a little due to lots of use so this should have helped.

We ended our session by pinning a card playing card on the target and trying to hit it with the metal ones.

Metal playing cards

We have decided to blunt the edges on the metal cards before we introduce them into our throwing sport arsenal. They will be an interesting add-on to have a go at once you understand the basics of throwing safety.

Cards for throwing

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