Horseshoes is one of those very old games that everyone seems to know about but never seem to have a go at. If the information on Wikipedia is correct, this game has been played for around 2,000 years. So we thought we should have a crack at it to see why its lasted so long!


The basic rules involve putting two poles/stakes in the ground which are 40 feet or 12 metres apart, and using 4 horseshoes each, you throw them from one end to the other trying to get them to land around the stake. Nice and simple.

We visited a children’s park in Devon recently and spotted a Horseshoes game setup, and although not quite 40 feet as kids were also playing, we decided we would give it a go. It’s better taking on the kids anyway!


After throwing a few horseshoes you soon realise that its really hard to get one to land around the stake. Even spinning the shoe, lobbing it high, throwing it low and hard, nothing seemed to beat a light throw and a bit of luck.

The horseshoes were different sizes which I’m sure would be a talking point in the World Horeshoes championship, but I tended to opt for the biggest.

I’m sure there is a technique to it but we just couldn’t get it, in fact the kids were getting closer than we were.

It is good fun though, if not a little too addictive.


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