Stand Up Paddleboarding

Stand Up Paddleboarding on lake Bala


I always try and make the most of the free time I get, and when on a business trip, I also try to get a bit of “outdoor time” in. Recently, whilst setting up Battle Archery North Wales, we happened to be in Bala, right next to a stunning, if not cold, lake Bala.

We were staying with Tony Bain the owner of Green Dragon Activities, who also happened to have Tati Coco SUP staying with him at the time. Not only that, but I happened to be traveling there with Andrew Tetley from Get More Adventure! So quite a gathering of SUP enthusiasts.


Tati kindly lent us a Red Paddle 11 sport and we headed out on to the lake. We waited for the driving snow to settle and were looking forward to experiencing the snow-capped mountains from the lake. It has to be said, as much as I love paddling in boardies and bare feet, the rather cool conditions made us very aware of the need for a drysuit!

Its quite surprising how shallow it is near the shoreline where we got in, but them the water suddenly turns BLACK, and when I say black, I mean black. Its a odd feeling paddling over the drop off and seeing the bottom disappear into the darkness.


The backdrop to lake Bala is just stunning, rolling hills leading to snowcapped mountains, at least when we were there, and there is an immense feeling of instant open space. Its always hard to explain why we do it, but after a paddle in a place like that, you feel different for a while, invigorated.

Of course part of it might have been the great company I had. Its one thing to paddle somewhere amazing on your own, its another to paddle with like-minded friends! The message from this I guess, it to seize the moment and squeeze a mini-adventure in whenever you can.


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