Beachcombing in Teignmouth


Some of the best things in life are free, and beachcombing is one of them!

As a child I was always looking at the ground trying to find treasure, bugs and interesting rocks. Its always surprising what you can find by just looking.

Beach combing is always something I enjoy, especially when I have my kids with me. Its a very educational thing for them too, they can learn a lot from finding new things.

I decided to add this into my Challenge200 list as although it’s a simple one to take part in, I personally think its one of the most relaxed and fun to do. Once you know what is possible to find on the UK shores and make that first find, you will just simply get hooked.


A favorite of mine to find are marine life related objects like shark egg cases and shells. It gives you that connection to the hidden world beneath our seas. You can also support the conservation of sharks by reporting the egg cases online, so helping save a vital species too.

For more information check out the FinFighters

Lots of things wash up on our shores so you really never know what you might find, a little tip, look on the beaches after a big storm has passed through!


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