Locked in a room

Locked in a room

Escape rooms seem to have just exploded in the UK, and with so many different themes and locations, they are becoming very popular.

I had countless friends posting pictures on social media stating whether they managed to get out or not, and it was really intriguing.
I was soon invited to “Locked In A Room” in Bristol by a group of friends keen to take on the challenge, and along with my wife, we headed down.

If you don’t know what an Escape room is, I will try and explain as simply as I can. Essentially you enter a room in a group and have to solve a trail of clues and tasks to get out within the allotted time.

Now normally when I cover an activity on the website I go into what we did and what the funny bits were and things to look out for. But, with escape rooms if I told you what we did, not only would it ruin the experience, but it would be unfair on “Locked In A Room”.

However what I can tell you is the following. We were given one hour in the room and given an initial clue to start with. There were some very clever challenges to figure out and a few brilliant surprises too. The time just seemed to fly by and, as hard as we tried, we ran out of time just minutes from completing it!

It was really clever how it was setup and great fun to take part in. I would definitely do another themed room with friends, and this time I will think outside of the box a little more for sure. Get locked in a room, it’s great fun!

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