Battle Archery

Battle Archery

Battle Archery is a cross between Paintballing and Archery, taking the excitement of the Paintballing scenarios and crossing it with the skill of Archery. Tactical and fast paced, just the sport for people who want to test all their skills.

You are issued with a bow, protective mask and wrist guard before you start, already feeling like you’re going into battle!
After a quick safety briefing, most of which is common sense but a useful reminder, we were shown how to shoot the bow and arrows safely. It is not as technical as target archery, you don’t have the same time to load and fire, you need to be as quick as possible and shooting with more instinct.

We lined up in two teams and shot a few arrows at each other to get the feeling of getting hit by an arrow, which was surprisingly better than we expected. You know you have been hit, but no paint and bruises like Paintballing. The first time you line up it gets the blood pumping though, it’s an unnatural feeling to be a standing target!

Battle Archery website 1

Into our first game (capture the flag) and straight away you start to pick up tactics and realise you need to think about your next move before you fire your arrow. The more games you play the more you feel at ease when shooting the person in front of you, and what starts of as a cautious group of people hanging back from getting hit, turns in to a very tactical and exciting sport.

It feels great when you get a direct hit on someone, but you need to make sure you have another arrow to hand. One of the great things about Battle Archery is that unlike paintballing, you pick your next arrow up off the floor. No having to cough up for more ammo, your entry price covers all the arrows you will need.

A 2-hour session flies by and although tired from running about, the improvement in firing the arrows instinctively is quite amazing. It’s a great sport, and great fun!

To find our more about Battle Archery check the website out:

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