A Pike in the wrong pond


When a river floods where do the fish go? Well some move about and as we were about to discover, its a great way for a hungry Pike to move into duck pond.

The pond in question is at the Avon Valley Adventure and Wildlife Park. Situated next to the river Avon, this meant the lower reaches of the park were submerged a few years back in a large flood. And when the water receded, a little jack Pike was left swimming around the boating lake/ duck pond.

There were lots of small silver fish in the lake too, but after a few years the Pike was getting bigger and the silver fish less. With the ducklings looking like the next targets and fish running out, I was approached by the owner and asked if I could relocate it back to the river.

On the next visit to the park I packed a small spinning rod and a small gold spinner. I had a busy work gig later in the afternoon and so had ask a friend, Andrew Tetley to help me out with that, and he was also interested to see whether there was fishing to be done! We headed down to the pond together and I asked him to keep his eyes peeled for a Pike, which looking in to the fairly large weedy pond looked like quite a task.

I cast out in to the middle of the pond a couple of times and on about the fifth cast I felt that unmistakeable bang and shake of the head. I had hooked the only pike in the lake! I don’t know who was more shocked, us, or the Pike.

A short fight later and we had a slim, perfectly looking jack Pike in the net.

It wasn’t the biggest Pike I have ever had, but one of the most memorable.

We slipped it back in to the river and watched it swim off like a rocket. Possibly the shortest fishing session I have ever had!

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