Ice Skating with the family


Ice Skating is one of those sports that seemed to be quite popular in the 80’s and 90’s and indeed like most children from that era I had a few visits to my local rink and tried my best not to look like a wobbly out of control skater. My local rink in Bristol closed about ten years ago and Ice skating seemed to die away in the area.

In recent years however, many town centres have been installing temporary ice rinks for the festive season, which has opened up ice skating to a whole new audience.

My kids saw an advert somewhere and we really keen to have a go, so with somewhat trepidation and excitement we headed down to Cadbury Garden Centre to go a have a go.


We hired boots for all of us and as our daughter is only three years old we hired a seated skating aid in the form of a seal, and a Penguin for my six year old son. Little did we know it would be well used by the whole of the family!

It must have been 20 year since either myself or my wife had been on ice and it was fairly obvious as we hit the ice. I was very wobbly at first and found it very interesting trying to keep my son on his feet as well as myself.

15 mins in and the idea of how to move our feet started to come back and we started to make our way around the rink, although cautiously.


There is something a little worrying as well as thrilling about sliding across the ice, somewhat in control and it brought back a lot of teenage memories.

My son started to pick it up slowly and was almost skating on his own near the end whilst me daughter was laughing in delight as she was pushed around on her seal with increasing confidence.


Although not as big as a full ice rink, the temporary rinks are a great way to get children and adults alike into, or back into ice skating. We all really enjoyed the skating and the skating aids made it a lovely family event, and something we may well do every year when the rinks are about.

But I personally need to work on it a bit more, and with news of a new rink being built in Bristol, maybe I will get the opportunity!


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