Indoor climbing at the Dart Rock Climbing Centre

2015-07-20 21.12.07

Indoor climbing is something I have dabbled in a few times over the years, but due to other commitments have never had the time to concentrate enough time on it. So instead whenever I get the opportunity I try and hit a local centre and try out a few routes.

Whilst on holiday in Devon we passed Dart Rock Climbing Centre, so I quickly pulled in with the family to have a look.

2015-07-20 20.35.40

My son being five and daughter being 2, they were too young to be taking-on the climbing walls, but they were old enough to have a go into the bouldering room. We headed in and to my amazement both started climbing up the walls, hanging on for dear life, laughing and really enjoying it. I was really taken aback at how good a grip they had, and with a little help were climbing, or bouldering with ease. I honestly didn’t think they would enjoy it as much as they did. Just shows that if you give your children opportunities they will flourish!

2015-07-20 20.45.48

The routes in the main part of the centre we all on power fans, so no need for someone to belay me, which if you are out with your family on holiday you will know makes things hard. So I clicked in to my harness and had a go at a few routes. The centre has a nice variety of routes and I think I managed a 6a, which personally I was chuffed with.

2015-07-20 21.12.18

Please note all the pictures of me climbing were taken by my proud son who couldn’t believe I could climb. I asked him afterwards whether he would like to climb a big route and he answered, yes! So future goal has been set: climb a route with my son.

Lovely centre and great memories!


The Indoor Climbing Manual

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