Supertubing in Wales


Take your child Supertubing, they will love it.
Well that was the idea, but on a rainy October day high in the Welsh hills with 20 tickets in my hand and ready to go, my son decided he didn’t want to do it!

So not to waste the trip I put a helmet on, grabbed a tube and raced down the slopes. But I wasn’t on my own as I also had a handful of 10 year olds to race down. Yes I was reliving my childhood, and to be honest it was flipping good fun.


The slope in question was the Supertubing centre in Ebbw Vale Gwent, a friendly setup with four lanes on the slope, with one slower than the others to get you going.

It is as simple as it looks in the pictures, you sit inside an innertube which has a cover and hard base, then an instructor gives you a push. Or a spin if you’re feeling brave!


A bonus I never expected was a rotating rope to hold on to, pulling you back up the hill.


I’m not giving up on my son though, I will take him back again soon, as I really wanted to race him down!

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