Testing out the Airboard


The first time I saw an Airboard being used it made me stop in my tracks and look in wonder. How, what…the? I was instantly intrigued about them and how they worked, so I managed to get my hands on one to answer my own questions.

A box arrived in the post and I quickly openened it up to have my first real look at an Airboard. My shiny new, black Airboard had the look of an oversized Apple product. It looks sleek, stylish and packed full of technology. Dear I say sexy! It was heavier than I had imagined, but then with the technology, battery and power inside it’s not that surprising!

I was a little surprised however to find a key fob inside the box, for locking or unlocking the Airboard.

The real test is in the riding, so I switched it on and jumped on. The first few minutes it felt weird, but very quickly I gained control of it, and after getting the confidence to just go with it, which you have to do, its all started to flow nicely.

2015-06-04 03.48.17

When you mount the Airboard you have to get both feet on quickly and lean forward immediately, this gives you control straight away. Then you just have to learn how to turn! This involves tilting one foot or the other, and getting the hang of this opens up a world of movement you never thought possible. It’s amazing the response you get from the Airboard, it makes it very easy to get control of. Tilt one foot forward and the other back and you turn the board, opposite feet and you turn the other way. The amazing thing is it turns on the spot.

I then noticed the lights flashing as you reverse, which looks amazing at night.

2015-06-04 03.55.21

You do need to be careful with cracks in the path and lumps in the paths as I did come off a few times. Overall though I was moving along with ease and spinning around on the spot.

I love this Airboard and see loads of potential for it, I can easily see what they are predicting this to be the toy the kids want for Christmas. It’s the future of toys!

2015-06-04 04.09.22

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