Rockpooling at South Milton


Rockpooling can often be an easy way to enjoy the wildlife that inhabits our shores in the UK, and if you look closely you’ll find all kinds of amazing things.

Whilst on holiday in Devon we came across a National Trust beach called South Milton Sands. It is a sandy beach with a huge reef, that at low water leaves hundreds of rock pools for you to explore.

With my 5-year old son in tow, and some friends from home that we just so happened to have bumped in to, we headed down at low-tide with buckets and net in hands to see what we could find.


With bare feet we headed in to the rock-pools and immediately started to find shrimps, crabs, small fish and prawns. Every pool was full of life! My son and his little friend were engrossed in looking into the clear water pools, lifting stones and pulling back weed, it was amazing to see. It really is what kids need more of!

With clear water and soft weed, walking through the pools together, spotting darting fish was just amazing. Sunny weather did help of course, but when you’re up to your knees in rock-pool water and exploring at miniature underwater worlds, you feel very connected to the wildlife.



We also found a few jellyfish which had washed-up into the shallows, which amazed the kids and was stunning to look at closely.

If you do one thing on your summer holidays, make it rock-pooling, it is great fun!


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