Adrenaline Quarry Zipwire

zipwire3 Zipwires have always been a favourite of mine, so when we found ourselves just a short drive away from the Adrenaline Quarry situated in Liskeard, Cornwall, we just had to pop in. Having my young family with me could have made it a little difficult to queue, but my 4 year old son surprised me when he said “can I have a go?” OK, of course you can, was my response, not really thinking he would actually go thought with it, but also dying for him to grab the opportunity too. The zipwire is from the top of the 50-meter high quarry to the bottom of the opposite end, a length of 490m and reaching speeds of 40mph. Enough excitement for an adult, but crazy for a 4 year old! We stood in the queue looking on as people were sent down the two zipwires in tandem, listening to the screams of excitement and then the whirring of the zipwire. As you get nearer to the launch area you suddenly get a great view of the zipwire, and even asking my son every few minutes, “are you ok?” he was still keen. We got to the front and were harnessed up, and before we knew it we were stood side by side, each getting attached to one of the zipwires. zipwire Due to my son being so small, a barrel was attached to the setup to make sure he had enough momentum, and then the exciting part was upon us. The guy who was setting my son up on the wire was great with him, and I think may have given him the courage to jump, because as I asked if he was ready to go, he jumped and I had to quickly follow to keep up with him. This was followed by a cheer from the watching crowd, who probably thought he might back out, like I thought he might. Not a chance! As soon as you leave the launch area the drop in height ensures that you pick up speed really quickly, and not only do you suddenly feel hugely exposed so high up, but also taken back by the stunning views! Due to the slight weight difference I caught my son up and we shared most of the zipwire together, shouting, cheering and laughing on the way down. Although I did notice the iron-grip he had on the harness. zipwire2 We came to the end of the wire, fully pumped with adrenaline and with me full of pride that my son had jumped and that we had shared the moment together. The whole Adrenaline Quarry experience was great, and in such a lovely setting makes a lovely place for a trip whoever you are with, as long as you crave that Adrenaline rush!

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