Sledging in the snow


Sledging is one of those sports that everyone knows about in the UK, and probably had a go at when they were kids, but are never ready for when the few days of snow settle. Unless you live on higher ground or more to the north these snowy days are rare, but when they do happen, the masses wrap up warm and head to the nearest slope to go sledging.

As part of my Challenge200 and because my son was really excited, we grabbed a sledge on just one of those rare snowy days and headed out to the village green to test it out.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, sitting on a thin piece of plastic and sliding down at high speed across the snow, dodging the lumps is great fun. It is almost like reliving those early years of snowball fights, epic tall stories of massive jumps and funny crashes, and freezing cold fingers. Snowballs so big they would either result in a total collapse or too heavy to move. The days when you just couldn’t use your hands anymore because the snow had turned to ice, sticking all the fingers together. Well you get the point.

This sledging session was made all the more fun because it was my son’s first one and I was going to share it with him. We lined up a reasonable hill, got in to position and pushed off.

I don’t know who was enjoying it more, but we ran back to the top of the hill time after time for another go.

It was only the calling of a hot dinner and a cup of tea that persuaded us to trudge home back through the snow. And if the snow wouldn’t have melted the following day, I dare say we would have repeated it all over again. It was a lovely way to enjoy the snow with my son and we now have two sledges in the garage ready to go, all we need now is more snow!

You can get some great ones on the following links:

Large Red Plastic Speed Sledge / dune Rider with rope. Toboggan

Plastic Sledge

Ultrasport Kids Davos Wooden Sledge – 100 cm

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