Month: December 2014

Sledging in the snow

Sledging is one of those sports that everyone knows about in the UK, and probably had a go at when they were kids, but are never ready for when the few days of snow settle. Unless you live on higher ground or more to the north these snowy […]

Archery Tag in Swindon

Having a bow and arrow shoot-off with your friends would seem pretty dangerous (and illegal), but would you believe me if I told you there is a legal and safe way of doing just that? Well there is, and its called Archery Tag! When I first heard about […]

Lake Snorkelling in the UK

Whenever I mention Snorkelling to people in the UK, the conversation always turns to warm seas abroad with coral reefs and normally tales of the shark that spooked them. But not only does the UK have an abundance of wildlife in the rivers and surrounding coastline, but there […]