Bristol Avon

Pike Fishing With Beginners Luck


When my 4 year old son asked to come fishing with me, I wasn’t going to turn down the opportunity. Although Pike fishing isn’t the ideal way for introduce a little one to fishing, I knew of a spot on the river Avon where I had caught plenty of small, or jack Pike before. Seemed like the obvious place to take him, right?

We arrived early in the morning with the sun just coming up in the background, and as we made our way down the farmer’s tracks to the river, we were treated to a glimpse of the deer, buzzards and even a hare! One very happy four year old already!

We set up a few simple rigs, including a simple float rig with the bait resting on the bottom. I had the job of casting out, so I cast my son’s rod just out to the surrounding margin, with the aim of tempting a small jack pike, whilst I targeted the bigger ones in the deeper water.

About an hour in, his float dipped under and disappeared in to the green-tinged water. I helped him strike and as the rod bent in half, and the drag reeled off, I suddenly realised that my son was attached to a decent Pike! I held on to him and helped reset the drag as the pike surged up and down the river. I tried to guide my son in how to deal with the battle he was in the middle of, but he wasn’t overly confident with my directions, but carried on anyway. We were then treated to a huge tail-walking Pike, which was bigger than I was expecting.

We got it in to the net after a great fight, and I quickly unhooked it, trying to show my son why you don’t out your hands anywhere near a Pike’s mouth. Again a slightly worried look on his face.

Now, being four years old and trying to hold a Pike of 11lb 14oz just wasn’t going to happen, so we swapped roles and I held it whilst my son took the pictures. For your first Pike fishing trip, you can’t complain with a fish of that size!


Kids often get bored very quickly so luckily for me not only did we catch a fish fairly early on, but I also had my box of lures, so we tried out plug fishing too. We didn’t get a touch after that, but just seeing him retrieving the plugs with the same anticipation on his face as I had as a kid was enough! The seed has most definitely been sown and I will be lucky to sneak out the door for a fishing session again without him wanting to come!

Mick Brown On Pike Fishing [2007] [DVD]

Fox Guide to Modern Pike Fishing


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