Water-To-Go Water Bottle Review


The Water-To-Go filter bottle has been designed by NASA, offers 200 litres of clean water per filter, has been proven to kill 99.9% of all water contaminants, and could offer that piece of mind whilst drinking water across the world. All this in one bottle, sounds great so how did it get on when we tested it out on the river?

How to use it?

The first thing to do when you get this bottle is to read the instructions on safe use. It’s simple things really like making sure you use clean water in the bottle on its first use to get the filter working. Well worth a read.

From then on you simply unscrew the lid, fill the bottle up with water, screw the lid back on, pop up the nozzle and gentle squeeze the bottle. Clean water then comes out!


We tested this bottle out on water from the river Avon in Bristol to see how easy it was to use, and what the filtered water tasted like. I filled the bottle up, being careful to keep the lid clean, and proceeded to drink the water. I also handed it around the group I was with, one being British Adventurer Dave Cornthwaite, and most had a drink. I think the idea of relying on a small filter was still very new to some, but those who did try, commented on the water tasting nice and cool, fresh, soft even. It is very easy to use and had the thumbs up from all who drank from it.



The technical bit! The filters are manufactured from a non woven media that is also called a charged layer membrane. They were developed by NASA and constructed by utilizing nano technology. Nano alumina along with 33% carbon and other filtration ingredients are utilized in this amazing new patented process. The nano alumina emits a positive charge when wet and attracts the negative charged contaminants of protozoa, bacteria and virus. So basically it has been proven to kill 99.9% of contaminates in the water!

The manufacturers claim that each water-to-go filter will last for around 200 litres or 3 months of use.


The RRP for this bottle is £24.95 and includes your first filter. Replacement filters cost £14.95 for a twin pack.



I really like the Water-To-Go water bottle. It’s simple to use, a perfect size, eco friendly, cost effective and looks pretty good too. From an environmental point of view, you would put 199 less 1-litre plastic water bottles in landfill from using this filter bottle to its full potential! Cost wise, you may pay £25 for the bottle and filter at first, but compare it with 200 litres of bottled water costing nearer £200 plus, and the fact that replacement filters cost around £7.50 each afterwards, you may wonder why you wouldn’t buy one! This bottle has so many uses if you drink a lot of water, it would especially be a great addition to your kit if you went traveling or on an expedition.

To find our more about the Water-To-Go bottle and where you can get your hands on one, check out the website:



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