Swans Open Water Seven Goggles Review


The Swans open water Seven goggles certainly look the business for open water swimming, but how will they fair with a relatively new open water swimmer testing them out? I took them to the Bristol Avon to find out!


The Swans open water “Seven” goggles are so called because each of the lenses has seven facets. It is this feature that helps to minimise the distortion that curved lenses can give, giving you better distance and directional judgement. Adding in polarised lenses also means less eye fatigue from glare.

Putting the technical stuff aside, they look like something out of the matrix, or perhaps sci-fi goggles, at least that was the comments I got as feedback from fellow outdoor swimmers and adventurers. And I suppose they do look futuristic, but then they are designed for open water swimming in the modern age!



It’s really noticeable the first time you put these on, just how wide the field of vision is. As they say in the advertising for these goggles, you can focus on something in front of you very well, taking away the distortion. I took them underwater in my local river too and was surprised how clear it was, still a little scary deeper down though! I think the vision through these are as good as it gets.


Polarised lens

One of the biggest problems with swimming or just being in open water is the glare from the sun. It’s not just the sun in your eyes, but also the reflection from the surface of the water. It really can be blinding and gives you eye fatigue. This can be very bad for your eyes! The polarised lens on these goggles seemed to cope very well, definitely reducing the glare, I didn’t feel any discomfort or find my self really squinting. I’m yet to do a long distance swim in sunny weather, but I’m confident that they would cope.



I was really impressed how comfortable these goggles feel when on. The eye pieces have very soft rubber around them, which sits nicely around your eye socket, a big pet hate for me, so impressed already. The straps are also split well, spreading the pressure and support around the back of your head. They felt very secure and it cuts out some of the twisted straps you get at times. They are easy to adjust too, with the clips on the side, just a simple lifting motion and the straps loosen or tighten when pulled. I altered mine whilst in the water and on my head, so nice and easy. Overall very comfortable, leaving you to concentrate on the swimming!


Being new to open water swimming, these goggles were a bit of an eye opener. They look futuristic, have been designed very well, taking on the main problems of open water swimming and doing pretty well at it. Vision is brilliant, with reduced glare from the sun and very comfortable to wear. I’m looking forward to taking these on future adventures! As a final note to this review, I have typed the whole thing wearing them! To find out more about the Swans Open Water Seven Goggles take a visit to the Swans UK website.


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