Source To Sea by SUP


I remember sitting around a pub table in the middle of Wales discussing the Source2sea trip with the rest of the team. Little did we know at that time that Level Films would end up following us on our journey with video cameras in tow. It was a real adventure down the river Severn from Source to Sea on Stand Up Paddleboards, and ending with this lovely short film that has been screened in Hawaii, Portugal and the London Surf Film Festival, where it got shortlisted in its category. It’s a nice reminder for us that when you set your mind to something, you can achieve so much!

A group of passionate surfers embark on an unusual voyage. They plan to paddle 175miles along the longest river in Britain, the infamous River Severn. The team will track the mighty river from its source in mountainous Wales to its vast muddy mouth in the Bristol Channel. What’s more, the team will be attempting their journey on vessels more commonly associated with turquoise Hawaiian seas, inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards [SUP].

Introduced by – Mickey Munoz
Surfers – Tristan Bawn, Tony Bain, Dean Broad, Rob Yates, Travis Stassart
Animation – Simon Ball
Production Company – Level Films
Producers / Directors – Matt Crocker & James Dean

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