Alpine Flowers

Alpine Flowers Field Guide by Cicerone


One of my favourite past-times is taking a trip in to the mountains, either in the UK or the various ranges around the world. Go to any mountain range in the warmer months and you will find alpine flowers. Whether you know it or not, they are adding to the dramatic scenery in front of you, and may well be one of the main reasons you will go walking. For me, nosing around in the undergrowth has always been a part of who I am, I like to explore and see whats hiding around the next corner.


I have always looked at alpine flowers and wondered how they cling on to the rock face they are attached to, or how such a pretty flower can put up with howling winds and severe weather, so when I spotted this little guide from Cicerone called Alpine Flowers, I instantly wanted to have a read and find out more about what I had been looking at all those years!

The first thing I instantly noticed when this book arrived is the perfect size of it, just right to fit in to your pocket, making it easy to take with you on your next adventure.

The introduction to this guide is very interesting, explaining just how these hardy alpine flowers survive in such tough conditions, and contains lots of interesting information.

Flicking through the pages, it soon became apparent that I had a fair few of them in my own back garden. Due to the hardiness of alpine plants, they have become popular with gardeners.

This guide is very simple to use, with colour coded pages broken down into five colour groups, red, yellow, blue, purple and white. You just choose the colour of the flower your looking for and flick through that section, very easy to use!

The author, Gillian Price, explains each flower well, with most having location, description and interesting growing habits. For example the Common Butterwort, actually eats insects, and further more I have found them in Snowdonia. Amazing what you can find if you look!

I really like this guide and will be taking it with me in my pack as I head in to the hills. If you like to nose around and enjoy finding things tucked away, or your just a flower nut, you will love this little guide book. It has a RRP of £11.95, but be warned if you have this book in your pocket you may well find yourself looking in to every crack and cranny on the mountain!

To find out more about this book click on the following link: Alpine Flowers by Cicerone


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