Vango Nitestar Junior Sleeping Bag Review


The Vango Nitestar Junior sleeping bag is advertised as a “ stylish, durable and comfortable bag for the little ones”. Children only really demand a few things from a sleeping bag, like colour and design, but in reality the main thing is that they keep them warm, comfortable and protected from the elements. So is the Vango Nitestar junior any good?



The Nitestar weighs in at 1350grams, which is fairly light for a kids synthetic sleeping bag.


The sleeping bag has single hole siliconised hollow fibre insulation, basically a synthetic insulation. It feels very soft and comfortable when lying on it. The mummy shape of this sleeping bag also increases the warmth as it helps fit the sleeping bag around your body and especially the head area. My son never complained about being cold once and it did go down to around 2 degrees C one night.

Shell and lining materials

The shell is 100% Hexagon Ripstop Polyester, it looks and feels tough. Its also appealing to the eye and I had no complaints from my son. This sleeping bag comes in a dark blue or dark pink too so can suit both girls and boys. The lining is 100% brushed Polyester, giving the bag a smooth and comfortable feel.


The Nitestar has a double layer construction, and looking at the sleeping bag you can see how this works when looking at the stitching. Horizontal stitching on the shell is out of line with the horizontal stitching inside the bag. This holds the insulation fibre firmly in place. I always give sleeping bags a good pull and stretch when reviewing, and this one does feel tough and well made. Essential for kids!


The external length of this sleeping bag is 175cm, an external chest width of 70cm, and an external foot width of 50cm. Inside the bag the length is 155cm, chest 70cm and feet 48cm.

Side zips

The side zip is on the left and is a two way auto lock zip. A zip guard helps to prevent snagging aswell as an insulated zip baffle to keep out any draughts. Easy to use for small hands too.


The hood is thick and insulated as you would expect, but unlike many adult sleeping bags there are no drawcord, instead its elasticated. A great safety design! The hood is also curved inside allowing you to put a small pillow inside, or in my sons case, somewhere for teddy! Packed size When packed away in the compression stuff sack this sleeping bag can get down to about 38cm x 22cm.


Temperature rating

The temperature rating for this sleeping bag is 2 season meaning it is suggested that to be comfortable between 6 – 20 degrees C. Less if dressed appropriately as in our case.


There are two grab loops on the bottom of this sleeping bag, great for hanging up side down the drying or airing. There is also a small internal pocket for stashing away a small headlight or special toy if needed.

Value for money

The Vango nitestar junior has a RRP of £27.50 which for the design and usability of this bag is a reasonable price.


You can often get too involved with reading all of the technical bits involved with a sleeping bag as I have mentioned above, but essentially this sleeping bag is for kids! So the main things that matter is that they are safe, warm and that the sleeping bag is useable. This sleeping bag as far as I am concerned covers all of these points for temperatures above 5-6 degrees. And even then if you dressed them warm, less. Its very usable for all manner of camping trips and sleep overs, I have confidence in putting my son in it, and my son absolutely loves it!

For more information on this sleeping bag visit the following link:

Vango Nitestar Junior Sleeping Bag


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