Stand Up Paddleboarding



Okay so what is SUPwinching and is it a real sport? Well probably not, but whilst on a Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) trip on the flooded racecourse in Worcester city centre, we accidentally had a go!


We bumped in to a bunch of guys with a winch. To our amazement they were using the winch to pull each other along the water on their wakeboards, and it looked amazing!

After watching them for a while and having a little paddle around on our SUP’s, it wasn’t long before we got chatting, and the question was asked: “fancy being winched along on your SUP?” We didn’t need to be asked twice as between us we started to break new ground, or floodwater, feeling a bit like pioneers in our field! Well we decided to give it a go anyway!


Fortunately the winch speed could be controlled as myself and Dean Broad got to the floodwater, minus leash and paddles, but with winch line and belief on our side. The first run was by Dean, on knees to test it out, second run he was on his feet, holding on with one hand, laughing all the way along and finishing with a dive into the water that Tom Daley would have been proud of!


My turn next and seeing Dean on his feet, I opted for standing straight away. The winch was switched on and I was tentatively off, not really knowing how I would steer my 12’6” board, but actually it was really easy to ride, even when one of the guys cranked the winch up fully! Although I bailed before getting too close to the bank.

SUPwinching had been born, but I think it might well stay as a fringe sport!


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