SteriPEN Adventurer Opti review


Wherever you are in the world, having the guarantee of clean drinking water can make a huge difference. When I was sent the SteriPEN to review, I took it to the Brecon Beacons in Wales for a tester. I picked a walk where there were plenty of streams on the route, and ‘went light’ on the water in my rucsack with the aim to rely on the SteriPEN for the majority of my drinking water.

At about a mile into the walk I found a small stream and decided to fill up the water bottle. The first thing to note with this SteriPEN is that you need to make sure the neck of your water container is wide enough to get the pen in to and be able to stir it. The wider the better! So I filled the bottle up and took the clear top off of the SteriPEN. You have two options on this pen, 1 litre or 0.5 litre. I had a 1- litre bottle, so I pressed the button once, put the glass tube in to the water, making sure I covered the water sensor, and stirred gently. The tube lit up and glowed as I stirred it. The green light on the handle then lit up, notifying me that it had finished. I was all over a little quickly, I’m not sure what I was expecting really!


I drank the water all the way around our walk with no problems. The taste was slightly different as the water in the Brecons is softer than the water from my tap. Although it tasted fine to me, I couldn’t get my friends to test it out, maybe they were waiting to see the results of my test! I didn’t have any problems from drinking it after either. I even let my son have a few sips when I got home.

The pen feels well made and the protective piece that goes over the UV bulb fits nicely on to the pen. Once in the fabric holder, the pen feels secure and safe. Just right for slipping in to a pocket on your bag or jacket.

So what does this SteriPen actually kill in the water? Well the UV light actually disrupts the DNA of the microbes, and without functional DNA the microbes can’t reproduce or make you sick! All sounds very scientific, but basically it kills 99.9% of the nasties!


The advantages of having this SteriPEN in your arsenal are varied. Of course safe drinking water can be life saving, and even in the UK you can still pick up some nasties in the water, but there are also other advantages. Carrying one with you can allow you to travel light, knowing you will be passing a water source means you can treat and carry water when needed. I can think of a few trips I have carried heavy packs of water, which could have been avoided with a SteriPEN.

For more information on the SteriPEN visit their website: SteriPEN Adventurer-opti

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