Outdoors – A Smart Way to beat the blues


In today’s life full of fast food, gadgets, long working hours and luxury living, physical activities have been reduced to almost zilch. Busy lifestyles have also taken us away – far away – from nature and its remedies. We no longer respect the presence of flowers and plants in our lives. We tend to ignore the birds and animals that survive with us and around us. We have grown desperate to achieve high standards, but in the process we have made sure that we no longer stand on the earth. That is precisely the reason why outdoor activities are being promoted these days through schools and other educational institutions on a wide platform. We also see a few corporate these days planning and organizing outdoor trips for their employees to ensure no one loses the touch with nature.

It’s a proven fact that being out with nature relieves stress, boosts metabolism and rejuvenates mind, body and soul. So we bring to you our top 4 outdoor activities –

Biking: This can be an intimidating activity for first-timers, as tests the strength of your leg muscles, balance and bike handling skills and if your endurance levels are weak you may want to re-think about this as an outdoor sport. Train yourself before you hit the rough terrains and make sure you equip yourself with the best of accessories to ensure that you do not hurt yourself in the process.

Climbing and Mountaineering: This is one activity where training is extremely vital. While it is a lot of adventure, there is a lot of risk and danger involved in this kind of activity. You may want to decide the route you want to go for whether it would be rocks, snow or ice. This is mainly because you may want to spend some time to decide which training you’d like to take rock-craft, snow-craft or skiing. Several hazards accompany this kind of sport where disintegration of rocks may result in falling rocks and broken parts of glaciers and overhanging cornices may result into devastating ice falls. Your accessories should be smart and handy as a lot of stuff may result in heavy baggage and the grips of the shoes and the gloves should be checked beforehand.

Diving: Nothing can test your flexibility like a session of diving activity. You may want to look out for cliffs and rock formations into fresh or salt water to enjoy this sport. Although it is less dangerous as compared to mountaineering, you may still want to look into the possibility of getting trained for basics like knowledge of water depth, currents and air awareness.

Sailing: Self reliance, responsibility, economy and many other useful skills can be learnt when you venture out for a joyful voyage with your family members. Sailing or cruising or yachting, call it whatever you want to, if you are one of those who wants to enjoy everything that you do with your family then you may definitely want to go for this sport.

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