Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and fitness regime


There are numerous benefits that come with maintaining a healthy lifestyle and fitness regime. Fitness training contributes to your overall health and well-being; keeping your weight at a healthy level, decreasing your risk of disease, looking and feeling great, and having stronger muscles and bones are just a few of the many benefits of having a healthy lifestyle and fitness regime. So whether you’re already a fitness fanatic, or looking to start getting fit, it’s never too late to introduce a healthy fitness regime into your life. Trying to incorporate fitness into your working day can be tricky, however, exercise is a great reliever of stress since it produces a relaxation response. Practicing yoga, or taking a long walk are just a couple of simple ways to introduce exercise into your daily routine, whilst helping to relieve stress and maintain a healthy fitness level.

If you’re serious about keeping fit and maintaining a fitness regime, running is an excellent option. So what are the benefits of running?

Running improves circulation, increasing the muscles in your heart and reducing the risk of a heart attack

Helps maintain a healthy weight

Builds stronger bones

Running boosts blood flow to the brain, which will help productivity at work!

Running is a great stress reliever

Studies have shown that running helps with sleep, anxiety, and overall happiness

These are just some of the many benefits of running. If you’re an amateur runner, ease yourself in slowly with brisk walking. Progress gradually onto jogging, and then within a few months you should feel fit enough to be running. Signing up to a running club or registering to do a marathon is a great way to motivate yourself, whether you’re a beginner or expert runner.

What to wear

Having the right attire for running is essential. Running shoes, shorts, trousers and tops are the basics, and for women, investing in a sports bra is essential too. Running shoes are the most important part of your attire; they should feel comfortable but also prevent injury, and evaluating your foot type and running style will help to work out what is best for you. Nike has a great selection of breathable and flexible running shoes- allowing you to run freely and naturally, their broad selection of supportive and lightweight footwear has something to suit all. When it comes to clothing, technical apparel will help in whatever running conditions you’re in. Technical fabrics, such as DryFit, Thermax, and CoolMax will help to wick away the sweat from running, whilst they are a great material for keeping you dry and warm throughout the colder months.


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