Land Paddling or Land SUP


Land Paddling is a cross between Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) and Skateboarding and is a fast emerging sport in the UK. We got talking with the guys from Land Paddle UK and we decided to meet whilst we were on our Source2Sea2013 trip.

So what is Land Paddling? Well its basically a long skateboard (longboard) and a pole or paddle with a rubber end instead of a blade or paddle!

Part way through our trip, we took a break from paddling on the water and met with the guys in a small village near the Severn to try a bit of Land Paddling. Fortunately for us it was a quiet village with a nice smooth road running through it, just right for a bit of Land Paddling!

The guys had a range of boards for me to try, varying in width, shape and length, but all looking well built and with great designs on them. The paddles were cool too, very much like a SUP paddle with the T grip, but with a huge curved and grooved rubber piece on the end.


After a demonstration on how to use the land paddle with the board it was handed over to me to try. I haven’t been on a skateboard for a few years, but was ok as I pushed off, but the first time I tried to lean in to a turn with the paddle I did nearly taste the tarmac! A little more paddling however and I started to get the hang of it and soon noticed hang a little speed gave you more control.

It felt odd at first being propelled along in this way, but I soon started feeling more in control and can really see the appeal to having a paddle!

I especially liked the 47” Haka Cruiser, a Maori inspired board with black lava sand as grip and a natural wood look to it. I could hang this on my wall!!

It was great to meet with the guys and check out this emerging sport, it will be great to see how this grows. The possibilities for this kind of sport are massive, from downhill, cruising, fitness, tricks, racing and more, an exciting new sport!

If you would like to know more about Land Paddling, the boards and paddles or have a go yourself, visit them on their website or Facebook page:

Land Paddle UK

Land Paddle UK Facebook


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