Bootcamp with Carpe Diem Fitness


Bootcamp is designed to get people out of the mundane gym life and in to the outdoors, for fitness with a difference. Designed to be accessible for all abilities, and done as a team, Bootcamp offers fitness in a fun and achievable way.

We met Donna Jordan who runs Carp Diem Bootcamp, last year, and she mentioned to us about taking it on to see what it was all about, couldn’t say no! By the power of Facebook events, we soon had a group of us heading down to Nailsea early on a saturday morning to do just that, take on Bootcamp!

The sun had decided to break through the mist to gently start to thaw the parkland, giving the feeling of spring as we arrived. The ground was still rather cold though as we were about to find out!

After meeting up with the regular Bootcampers and Instructors Donna and Dale, we started with the usual stretches, which on a saturday morning felt pretty good, getting all of those tight knots out from a week of work.


We then went straight in to exercise repetitions, including pressups and tricep dips, this took the toll on my hands as the ground was freezing! It felt like I had blocks of ice attached to the ends of my arms, and started to wonder why I hadn’t put my gloves on.

Although everyone has their own goals of what they can achieve, I did make Donna fall in rather a lot on the SUP lesson she took with me, so Donna stayed close and made sure I wasn’t getting away with anything! I should have been nicer on the lesson!

Gathering the whole group together we did a few exercises with a long rope, which ended in a kind of mexican wave, lots of laughing and pumping arms going on, thoroughly enjoyed that part.

The final challenge was a team challenge involving a medicine ball, running, crawling through legs and lots of shouting each other on, not only a great challenge, but a brilliant team building exercise.


Finishing with a stretch down, I wondered where the last 45mins had gone. I guessed my triceps would be aching the next day, due to lack of tricep dips in my life, but I actually felt good and probably could have pushed it harder. A challenge for next time maybe?!

The key with Bootcamp is you only get out what you put in. This works well, because you will always have a mixed group of abilities, so the regulars were pumping out the press ups and squats, while the newbies, like us, just did the best we could. Everyone had their own targets, and spurred on with the friendly instruction, we all pushed our limits somewhat! I can really see the appeal of Bootcamp, being a part of a team, pushing themselves and supporting others, there was a nice feel to it. Often the hardest part is getting out of bed in the morning, if you know your group and instructors are going to be there, to support, push and motivate you, it would spur you on.


One other thing that stands out with Donna and Carpe Diem Fitness, is the social side of the group. Races, events and all kinds of fun is organised outside of the Bootcamp, giving the group a great bond, and adding something extra to keeping fit through the Bootcamp!

To find out more about the Bootcamp we took on check out their links below:

Carpe Diem Fitness Website

Carpe Diem Bootcamp Facebook Page

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