3 Top Cycling Routes for Experienced Riders


While there is no end of potential cycle paths and routes in the UK, it can be difficult to identify options that suit your skill-set and level of experience. This requires far greater levels of research and understanding, while you must also be honest when appraising your ability across a range of alternative terrains. If you are an experienced cyclist, however, you have less to worry about when selecting routes as you are likely to have the skills and awareness to tackle any trail. In fact, in this instance you are more likely to favour challenging routes that demand your full attention as a rider.

The 3 Most Challenging Cycling Routes in the UK

With this in mind, it is worth addressing the routes and trails that provide the biggest challenge in the UK. Consider the following:

1- The Peterborough Millennium Green Wheel (Peterborough to Cambridgeshire)

This route is arguably among the most understated and challenging in the UK, primarily because it is unusually varied and a staggering 45 miles in length. Referred to as the Millennium Green Wheel, it begins in the cathedral city and then veers into a host of quiet, meandering lanes. Blessed with both pleasant greenery and historically significant urban delights, it is a tough trail that should only be considered by riders with experience and significant levels of endurance. You will also need a map to navigate the difficult terrain, while you will also need to purchase durable, outdoor jackets from suppliers such as E-Outdoor if you visit during the autumn.

2- The Taff Trail (Cardiff to Brecon)

The ultimate in urban biking, the 55 mile Taff Trail runs from the southern Cardiff waterfront to the picturesque, market town of Brecon. Encountering beautiful towns such as Pontypridd, Tydfil and Merthyr, riders can encounter a huge array of landscapes and sights on their travels. The sheer length of this trail and its variable terrain offer considerable challenges, however, so you will need to be fully prepared and capable of displaying endurance, stamina and physical fortitude.

3- The Thames Towpath, London (Putney Bridge to Weybridge)

For capital dwellers, the Thames towpath stands as the single most iconic cycle path. It is a challenging 23 miles each way, and this journey exposes the rider to lush greenery, beautiful scenery and some genuinely engaging historic sites. It is undoubtedly one of the most enduringly popular trails in the capital, and despite its close proximity to the city it is far removed from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. Of particular interest is the world-renowned attraction Hampton Court Palace, which draws hundreds and thousands of visitors from around the world on an annual basis.

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