HI-Tec Sierra Lite I WP Boot Review

The Hi-Tec Sierra Lite I WP boot is advertised as a lightweight, durable, waterproof boot for all conditions. With V-Lite design and build technology, an ion mask and Nano coating right down to the fibres, anti-odour and anti microbial features, the boots certainly have the technology built in, but how would it get on it the varying terrains of the scottish highlands?


Boot features

This boot has a lot of features, including waterproof technology which is covered further down the review, but the design is clever too. Starting with the Vibram sole which curves up the front of the boot, protecting the boot from those annoying toe pokes and scuffs, which is also duplicated at the back of the boot towards the heel. There is a leather area at the front of the boot to also help protect the toe box, but between this and the tongue is an area of softer mesh which allows the boot to bend as you walk or scramble, without much resistance. This was noticeable in the mountains and a great design aspect of this boot. The upper part of the boot, again is thin and lightweight. Called an i-shell, it is woven with heavy duty thread, so although lightweight, it looks and feels tough.


The lacing system is fine and with rustproof holds should add longer life to the boots. The tongue is similar to the upper and adds to comfort when laces are tightened up. The ankle area was very comfortable on this boot, with padded areas and more mesh, it moulded around my ankle nicely. There are also leather strips coming away from the heel to the tongue which help with support of the ankle, leaving the mesh to do its job.

Inside the boot there is a 3D counter balance to help improve stability and support, which is on top of a Ortholite sockliner/midsole. The two together create a comfortable place for feet and with the anti-odour and anti-microbial features, should keep them smelling and feeling clean!



You instantly feel the comfort this boot offers the first time you put them on, with the cushioning around your feet in all areas, 3D system and the fact they are lightweight, but true comfort of a boot becomes apparent after a long day in the mountains. This boot didn’t disappoint! It allowed me to bend my feet when needed, ridged and protected when coming down steep scree and rocks, dry, even in really boggy terrain, and breathable. Healthy and non battered feet after a long day is a good sign!


This boot has a Vibram sole, and not only is it lightweight, but the grip pattern is good too. I have been using a pair of Hi-Tec boots with these soles on for a few years now and they are still going strong! The sole has some flexibility in it aswell which really helped whilst scrambling up rocks, but ridged enough for coming down scree.



These boots are made from water waterproof leathers that are then coated in an ion mask and a Nano coating protects them right down to the fibres. What does this all mean, well basically every part of the boot is waterproof, and this becomes obvious when you first walk through boggy or wet terrain. The water beads off the boots well and even after a hard day in the mountains the remaining mud washed off with ease.

Value for money

These boots have a RRP of £124.99, which for the type of boot this is, I think is a reasonable price. I gauge price on ‘lastability’, and I think these boots, although looking lightweight, are tough!


This boot felt lightweight, but still tough and sturdy. The sole allowed me get full control over my feet, and even in slippery areas, I felt in control. I tested these boots in all weathers and terrains, and I have to say they didn’t let me down.

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