Get geared up for spring


As spring approaches, and the days start to get longer, there is a sudden surge of people thinking about getting back out in to the outdoors. Being prepared for the UK’s weather is a key part of making sure those first few trips back are safe and fun.

The first mistake many make in spring is not taking enough layers. A few sunny weekends, and you might fall in to a false sense of security. Even on the sunniest spring day, it can be freezing on top of a mountain summit in the UK, and add water in any way and suddenly things get cold quick. Top tip to help avoid this, pack gloves, hat and one extra layer than you think you need in to your rucksack. I personally take my waterproof layers all year round, if it rains, I’m covered, if it cools off, I’m covered.


Wearing the correct type of clothing is another thing to think about. Cotton tee shirts, trainers and hoodies aren’t ideal for the outdoors as they aren’t generally designed to deal with sweat, wet conditions or dare I say it, hot sunny conditions! Simple changes like wearing a quick wicking base layer, followed by a fleece, then a waterproof jacket, gives you a good layering system to protect you more from all the elements. Waterproof boots and walking socks will help protect your feet from both sweating and damp conditions underfoot. Of course there are numerous other ways of layering, but the one mentioned is a great basis to start from. Always pack that extra layer though!

Using quality gear can make a big difference too. Gear companies like the North Face who have a good reputation for making quality, reliable gear, aren’t always hugely different in price from cheaper brands, and with lots of stores offering discounts and sale prices like Blackleaf.com who offer free delivery on North Face products.

If your still not sure about what you should wear for where your going, pop in to your local outdoors shop and ask the question.

Wear and pack the correct kit before you head out in to the outdoors and you should forget more about keeping warm and dry, and concentrate more time on enjoying yourself and staying safe!

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