Under Armour Coldgear Compression Top Review


This top is designed for cold weather training days. I have worn the top about eight times now on cold weather cycle rides, and before I give you may take on its performance, here is what Under Armour have to say:

“Traditional cold weather gear is bulky. We knew we could do better. That’s what the UA ColdGear® Compression Mock is all about. It takes the ColdGear® Compression Mock and raises the bar with a tight, performance-boosting fit and a sleek, clean finish. Wear it alone or layer up. Inside it’s soft and comfortable with micro-brushed fabric that circulates your body heat more effectively. Now you can stay warm without being weighed down. As it should be. You wanna go all season long”

This top is designed to keep you warm, and it does just that, with its snug fit and generous length, the cold gear mock kept my wrists and my lower back covered which is often a issue I have with base layers.


The material is a Dual-layer construction that pairs a brushed interior and a sleek, fast-drying exterior made from Nylon / Polyester / Elastane. At first glance the top looks like a normal base layer, but on closer inspection/touching, the interior has a slight fuzziness to it. It is lightweight and folds down to about the size of an apple.

The fit is snug, under armor make compression clothing to aid blood circulation, and while this top is not part of their compression range. it is still a very snug design. Something I came to appreciate after some cold rides.

The stitching and seams are perfect, once on I didn’t have to adjust, scratch or rub any areas. after a while you hardly even notice you are wearing it.

The top is fantastically warm. in 8-12 degrees C heat I wore the top with just a cycling jersey over the top, and whilst I did cool down when stopped, whilst cycling the brushed interior kept my body and the whole of my arms cozy warm. It is almost comparable to wearing a wet suit. Once you build up the heat you stay toasty.

On colder days I wore the top with a windproof jacket. This combination was perfect. The first five minutes of any ride are always a bit teeth grit-tingly cold but once the blood is pumping and the heat circulating this top keeps your core warm and spreads it down the arms to keep your hands warm.

Whilst the top doesn’t have any ventilation designed into it, all the panels are the same thickness and made of the same material. The fit and the wicking ability of the material stopped me feeling clammy. After a long ride I would get home to find the under armor top feeling relatively dry compared to my top layer.

Value for money is reasonable, at £40 its not cheap for a under garment, however you would probably only need one of these in your cupboard. When worn in conjunction with another layer it does provide excellent warmth and comfort.


This top is a fantastic piece of kit, easily packable for changing conditions, well made and fit for purpose. Keeping the warmth in and the sweat out is the main aim of a cold weather base layer and this top does exactly that. At £40 it may seem a little expensive, but having worn it nearly every time I’ve been out recently, think I will be getting my moneys worth.

Olly Christian

Base Layers

Under Armour Coldgear Compression Top

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