Swans SR 2M Goggle Review


The Swans SR 2M goggles are designed with comfort and usability in mind, perfect for what I will be needing them for this year. So how did I get on using them while Finswimming?

At first glance these goggles look space-age in their design, and as you look closer, you can start to see clever design features built in. The silicone gaskets allow a close fit around the eye sockets, but also allow the goggle to flex and move without irritating the skin, all without letting water in at all. The double strap system spreads the pressure on your head and also allows a better, more secure fit. The mirrored and UV protected lenses gives your eyes protection from unwanted reflections and light, whilst still giving you a crisp view.


In the pool or under water, the vision is brilliant! The goggles have been designed with anti fog protection, and after getting fairly heated and exhausted from putting effort in to the Finswimming, I didn’t have any misting! The UV filter works well, stopping those bright glares, which makes them versatile, allowing them to be used outdoors too. This is something that really appeals to me as I will be using these goggles a lot in the sea this summer. Combine all of this with the crisp lens, and your whole view seems enhanced!


The double strap system on these goggles not only secures them very well, but also adds a lot of comfort around the back of the head. Combine this with the silicone gasket system and you can barely feel you have them on. These goggles also come with changeable nose pieces to suit all shapes of noses, which I didn’t have to change over as the standard piece was fine. I wear a swim hat and a snorkel with a head brace while Finswimming, and the google bands fitted well over these too.

I was amazed when I first put these goggles on, just how comfortable they were all round!

I like to take part in lots of water based activities and therefore use goggles in many different situations. From a swimming pool, to a fast flowing river, to the sea, when I’m using a piece of equipment I want and need it to perform well, in fact so well I don’t need to think about it! These Swans SR 2M goggles so far fit the bill. I put them on, they feel comfortable, secure and give you great vision underwater, then I can just forget about them and get on with what activity I am doing. That for me is when you know you have a piece of kit that is a keeper!

For more information on these goggles visit the SOS Swim shop website:

Swans SR 2M Goggles

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