Snorkelling at Studland Bay in Dorset


Snorkelling in the UK can often get overlooked, but Britain’s coast hides all manner of wonderous life! With a little bit of local knowledge and safe water conditions, you can snorkel in clear water conditions, exploring this hidden world!

I have done a little snorkelling in the UK before and have always been impressed what is within a short swim of the riverbank or shore. You can also get surprisingly close to wildlife when immersed in the water, giving you an up-close encounter.


When I had the chance to get in for a snorkel in Dorset, I was actually torn between a few places, but having never seen a seahorse, I opted to get in at Studland Bay. Studland is a long sandy beach, protected from the elements somewhat by the shape of the bay, it’s the ideal place for eel grass, which in turn offers plenty of cover for the Sea Horses.

I had been told prior to this trip that it was like finding a needle in a hay-stack so I was realistic about what I might see, but always hopeful.

Heading out in to the crystal clear water, the sandy bottom started to come to life as the water deepened, and I managed to follow a crab along the bottom for a while whilst a few small fish darted across the sand.

I was quite surprised to see anenomies quite so quickly, but they were waving around in the water, a great spot and one which would repeat itself throughout the afternoon.


The water suddenly darkened and the fields of eel grass soon came in to view. With varying heights to the grass, diving down was a little unnerving at first, but after seeing a few fish tucked away it was soon getting exciting at the prospect of seeing something very special! Swimming level with the eel grass, a fish suddenly came out in front of me, which was so fast I couldn’t make out what is was, making my heart rate increase somewhat!

It soon became apparent to me that the Seahorses were going to be tricky to see, but as I headed back in towards the beach, fairly tired it has to be said, I realised setting my hopes on seeing one thing in particular was missing the whole point of snorkelling! Everything I saw on this trip was a privilege, sharing in their underwater world, and coming away with more questions than answers! Will I go back again?…as soon as I get the chance!

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