Mountain House Meals Review

We jumped at the chance to test these lightweight Mountain House freeze dried meals out. Simply add water, re-seal and leave for 8-9 minutes, what could be easier? But do they taste any good and would they give us the energy they promised?

We decided the best way to review these meals was to add a review for each different meal as we tested them. With such variety in what we were sent and with personal tastes to deal with, we could hardly do it any other way. We also decided to mark each one out of 10. These meals retail for £4.99 which is about average for this type of meal.


Chilli Con Carne. Energy: 478Kcal. Tested by Rob Yates
I have had different Chilli con Carne meals in this dried form before, so wanted to know how this one would turn out taste-wise. It was easy to tear the pack open above the re-seal without the need for a knife, I then scratched my head to how much 350ml would be, I felt it would have been easier for the pack to have a ‘fill to this level’ marker, rather than trying to guess the amount of water. But poured in what I thought was the correct amount. This would either mean I got a soggy chilli or a dry mass. Anyway, after 9 mins and a few squeezes of the pack to make sure all the dried food was circulated I opened and found it looked ‘all good’, so now for the moment of truth, the taste test…the chilli was ok, not very spicy but fairly tasty, although it could have done with a bit more ‘something’ and I did find the odd kidney bean still a bit hard. All in all not a bad meal. I ate at 5pm and awoke Saturday morning still not hungry. The only problem was that I had tasted the vegetable tikka and that was much nicer so felt very jealous while I ate my chilli.
7 out of 10


Vegetable Tikka. Energy: 398Kcal. Tested by Tristan Bawn
I don’t normally go for the vegetarian option, but as we had one in the rucksac (and being quite partial to curry) I decided I would give it a go. The flavour and consistency was actually really good and I had felt like I had eaten a proper meal afterwards. We did have some bread that I ate with this, but I still felt full in the morning, which is unusual for me. I would definitely eat this one again.
9 out of 10

Scrambled Egg with Ham and Potato. Energy 508Kcal. Tested by Rob Yates and Tristan Bawn
What could be better than eggs and bacon in the morning! Both myself and Rob were in agreement on this one, although there is plenty in this pack and it doesn’t taste too bad, there was something that wasn’t quite right. You just couldn’t put your finger on it. I did well to finish mine! Having said that it was very filling and kept the energy levels going until dinner time!
6 out of 10

We still have a few more meals to test out during February, including spagetti bolognese and a pasta dish, so stay tuned for more updates to this page!

For more information on these meals check out the following link:
Mountain House


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