Hexon Multifuel Stove Review


The Hexon Multifuel stove from Edelrid is advertised as a compact and versatile stove which is one of the lightest its class. It’s rugged design and use of fuel pump system makes it usable in all temperatures. Having a tough stove which is reliable and usable in all weathers sounds great, so we tested one out!

Legs and pan support
There are three legs to this stove which also act as the pan support. Once opened out they are arranged in to a triangular arrangement which I feel is the best support setup, stopping not only the tipping motion of the stove, but also the pan. Plenty wide enough as well, in fact wider than my pans. In all it felt very secure.


To get this burner lit you have to turn the nozzle to release enough fuel to soak the pad, then switch it off and light the burner. Once lit you will get a flame which can be 30cm high, which after it burns down a little (around 1 min), you have to turn the nozzle on again, adjusting it until the flame fires up, you will need to pump the handle on the fuel bottle a little too. The burner on this stove is fairly wide, spreading the heat across the pan well and helping to cook or boil that much quicker. It’s also ferocious when going, even when the wind started to pick up I couldn’t see any movement in the flame. You also get a good amount of heat coming of this burner, which is great on those colder days!


We were sent a piece of folded aluminum with this stove which acted as a windshield. It is very simple in design, but also very lightweight. It doesn’t have to be fancy to stop the wind and by simply unfolding the sheet and moulding it to the shape you want, you are done. Because the aluminum is thin, you can also sink it slightly in to the ground if soft enough, giving a little more stability.

Although this Edelrid stove is the next step up from their ultra lightweight ones, it is still amazingly lightweight, in fact just 220 grams. It also folds down very well and neatly packs away in to its own little bag.


Fuel type and canister
With this stove you get an Edelrid fuel canister which you can refill. Edelrid recommend you use white gas in the fuel bottle provided, but also suggests you can use gasoline, kerosene or paraffin. They do warn the alternatives to white gas could cause blockages in the fuel line though. The top simply unscrews to allow refill. As mentioned above there is a precise way to use the fuel canister.

This stove also comes with a small maintenance kit containing a spanner, oil and replacement parts. There is also a guide to replacing parts, this should give the stove a much longer life.


Value for money
This stove on its own can be bought for around £90 which I think is a reasonable price for such a durable and well designed stove.

This stove isn’t the lightest or smallest one on the market, but then it’s not designed to be, and in fact is one of the lightest in its class. It feels very secure when setup and is great for more substantial cooking. The fuel canister isn’t overly big and once you have read the instructions it’s simple to use. I like the idea of the repair kit as it just gives you a chance to fix any problems immediately. A well designed stove that feels very stable, durable and cooks quickly, this will be coming with us on many more future trips!

Hexon Multifuel Stove

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