Fun in the Great Outdoors


The UK contains some of the most spectacular and diverse scenery imaginable. From desolate moors cloaked in purple heather and majestic mountains tipped with snow, to thick forests and woodland blanketed in fragrant pine needles and miles of wild and unspoilt coastline, there are few better ways to explore the great outdoors than to enjoy an exciting adventure holiday.

If you fancy taking part in some adventurous activities in the UK, there are lots of fun things to choose from, including kayaking, mountain biking, hiking, camping, fishing and open water swimming during the summer, to snow boarding and skiing during the winter. But before you book anything, make sure you find some cheap flights if you are traveling to the UK from Europe and beyond.

Use price comparison sites such as compare cheap airfares JetAbroad to source budget flights to London and other regional airports in the UK. The compare cheap airfares JetAbroad website can help you find the most economical flights to fit in with your adventure holiday plans in the UK. And if you are able to find some really great value airfares, you will have even more money to spend on fun activities during your stay.

Weather is an important factor to consider when planning any adventure holiday, but although the UK weather has a reputation for being wet and miserable a lot of the time, don’t let this put you off trying a few new outdoor pursuits. There are lots of activities you can try even when the weather is less than kind: fishing and kayaking are just as much fun in the rain as they are in the sunshine. And if you do happen to visit during a hot and dry spell, have a go at surfing, body boarding, deep-sea fishing or sailing.

Hiking and climbing in the mountainous areas of the UK are outdoor activities that are best tried during the summer and are more suited to those with some experience. In the Scottish Highlands, Peak District, Lake District and North Wales, there are plenty of peaks to conquer, and if you are feeling particularly energetic, you might like to attempt an ascent of Ben Nevis or Mount Snowdon.

But if you are new to the joys of outdoor pursuits, or you fancy a sport that is less energetic, why not give mountain biking or pony trekking a go and explore some of the best scenery the UK has to offer from an entirely new vantage point.

Further things to consider before booking adventure activities in the UK
Although many outdoor activities are perfectly safe, it is always worth trying a new sport or outdoor pursuit under the supervision of an experienced guide, so before you embark on any exhilarating adventure pursuits, consider booking your activities through a reputable outdoor pursuits centre.

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