Edelrid Kiro Ti Stove Review

The Edelrid Kiro Ti stove is advertised as one of the smallest, lightest, innovative gas stoves available on the market. We decided to take it wild camping in the Cotswold hills to see whether it was as good as it sounds!

Legs and pan support
This stove has no legs on it as it screws in to the top of the canister. I personally like to use a small round canister to give most support. The pan support spreads to about 12cm in diameter, so you can only use it with small to medium pans, but this is fine as the stove is designed for the purpose of traveling light, and it is more than capable of feeding a couple of people.


The burner is 3 1/2 cm in diameter and burns at a very hot temperature (for all you techies: 3000W), forcing the flame towards the pan, and affected very little by gusts of wind.

We were sent a piece of folded aluminum with this stove which acted as a windshield. It is very simple in design, but also very lightweight. It doesn’t have to be fancy to stop the wind and by simply unfolding the sheet and moulding it to the shape you want, you are done. Because the aluminum is thin, you can also sink it slightly in to the ground if soft enough, giving a little more stability.

Size and weight
The stove itself packs away to pretty much nothing and weighs just 72g! The pan supports fold around together, then in on themselves, the flame control handle then folds over the attachment, leaving you wondering it they could ever improve on it! At 8 1/2 cm by about 6 1/2 cm rectangular and 3 1/2 cm deep, you can fit this almost anywhere. Of course the fuel bottle is the biggest part of the setup, the one I used was a circular gas cartridge.


Fuel type and canister
The stove comes with instructions that recommend you use the Edelrid LP Gas cartridges only, which is a propane and butane mixture. This was the only stumbling block for me testing this as I couldn’t actually find any in my local shops. I ended up using a Sunn Gas cartridge with the same mix. These cartridges reseal themselves when you remove the stove, not only allowing you to pack it down smaller, but when you put the seal back on the cartridge it cuts out the chances turning the gas on whilst in your rucksac.

To light this stove you will need an external ignition source. Waterproof matches can often be a lightweight option.

Flame control
To control the flame on this stove there is a very neat and lightweight wire handle. Formed from one piece in a rectangle shape, not only is it very light but also easy to use. Again a simple connection on the side of the stove, has a plus and minus on it to show which way is on, and after use it folds away nicely. It’s worth checking you have this fully off though before attaching a cartridge, I had a handful of fuel the first time I attached one.


Boil time
It claims to boil 1 litre of water in 3 minutes! I haven’t actually timed a particular amount of water in particular conditions with a particular shaped pan, but it’s quick! If you turn this stove up, the flame roars away and the water quickly boils.

Value for money
You can buy this stove for around £35 – £40 depending on where you shop. For a stove that is so lightweight and usable, once you have bought this one, unless you are planning a major camping trip with big meals, you shouldn’t need to buy another one!

What a brilliant stove for lightweight use! I can’t believe it packs down so small and burns so well. I stored this stove in the small side pocket on my rucksac whilst out testing it and for a moment I was manically searching the main compartment, thinking I had forgotten to bring it! Its small, lightweight, brilliantly designed and very easy to use. I love it!

For more information on this stove click on the following link:

Edelrid Kiro Ti Stove

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